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Problem: Herniated disc at L5 with Sciatica as shown by MRI

Mary presented to our office with lower back pain with pain and numbness in the leg. She had severe pain, could not sleep well, and had muscle spasm with limited ranges of motion. She could not work at all.

We treated her on our ' State of the Art' , Spinal Decompression tables which helps to decompress the protruding disc along with the physiotherapy modalities of of electrical stimulation, muscle relaxation massage, and rehabilitative exercises.

She had an excellent response to our treatment program, and over the course of a few weeks, she was back to work, out of pain, and re-stabilized as well strengthened her core lower back muscles.


Problem : Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Grace presented to our office with numbness of the hand. Her tingling and weakness of the right hand was worse at night . She had tried medication but it did not help. She also noticed stiffness in the neck/shoulder region. X-rays revealed loss of the cervical lordosis, as well as misalignment at c5/6/7. Her clinical tests showed evidence of carpal tunnel along with an associated cervical spine dysfunction.

We treated her with the latest 'state of the art ' Infrared Laser ' technology, as well as Ultrasound, bracing, mobilization, and myofascial release technics.

Her problem resolved in less than 8 weeks of care, and did not need surgery.


Problem: Whiplash/ Car Accident Injuries to the neck and back

Eric was injured in a rear impact car accident. He suffered injuries to his neck and back, and x-rays showed a loss of the normal cervical curve as well as misalignment's of the spine vertebrae. He had severe pain that he rated a 9 out of 10 on a pain scale, and had difficulty sleeping, and working.

An MRI of the neck and back showed he had disc herniation's, along with muscle spasm, trigger points( muscle knots) ,limited range of motion, and sensory nerve injury.

We treated his condition with our 'multi-disciplinary' approach that included not just Chiropractic Care, but physiotherapy modalities of electrical stimulation, traction, ultrasound, massage therapy with a NYS licensed therapist, acupuncture with a NYS licensed acupuncturist, and rehabilitative exercises.

He had a great outcome with pain scale reduction to 1, back to work full time, improved ranges of motion, reduced spasm, and increased function in activities of daily living.