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Telehealth Appointments

We have transitioned to Telehealth Spine Care for Back and Neck Pain Issues during these challenging and stressful times.

What is Telehealth?

It is basically a one on one dedicated FaceTime/Video Chat with Dr Ben who as your Chiropractor will provide care , advice, and be your Spine Care Provider and Coach. At this time Telehealth/Facetime services are covered for tele-chiropractic visits by the following insurance companies : NoFault, Workers Compensation, Aetna, NYSHIP, United Health Care, CIGNA , and Oxford. It is not covered by Medicare, and Emblem(HIP/GHI). If your plan does not cover tele-chiropractic visits, and you want to make an appointment, there will be a small fee. Put in a request for an appointment and we will call you and tell you what the fee is and coordinate the appointment.The Value of Telehealth Chiropractic Visits with Dr Ben : See what a patient has given us permission to share with you after a recent Telehealth visit "Dear Dr. BeneliyahuThank you so much for the telehealth visit today via FaceTime. You were very supportive and answered all my questions and doubts . Your instructions for my well being are greatly appreciated! And thank you for getting me the medical equipment to help me with my daily life while being away from your office in this coronavirus times. I’m grateful I was able to communicate with you via this method . I await anxiously await next weeks Telehealth visit with youThank you Vivian Castellanos"

What Will We Do During a Telehealth Visit?

Either by phone or by video chat like on FaceTime we assess your current condition, do an online examination, and then act as your health provide and coach to run through exercises and provide you with guidance on what to do at home. This will range from back exercises, stretching routines, mind-body exercises to reduce stress, ergonomic instruction, postural training and ways to reduce muscle spasm and increase strength. After the visit we will schedule a follow up to assess how you are progressing and then modify as needed. If an urgent situation arises we can act quickly with our network of medical providers to keep you out of the Emergency RoomThe visits are packed with substance and value, and we forward exercise and diet plans directly by email to you.To schedule an appointment, please click on the 'make an appointment ' button and fill out the request Our staff will contact you shortly to set up a day and timeWe look forward to serving you!BACK AND NECK PAIN ON-LINE STOREProducts that we will get shipped to your home, to help with your pain. Simply tell us what you are interested in, and we will email or call you back to let you know what the cost is. Back BraceLumbar Support pillowWet heating pads- apples moist heat too the neckTENS Units- a portable devise to give you electrical muscle stem like we us in the officeNeck Collar Traction - can provide neck traction to alleviate neck painCustom Neck Pillows for sleeping-Pillowise custom pillows Foot Orthotic semi-custom Inserts Trigger Point/Muscle Spasm Tool- Muscle Sticks and Foam RollersElectric MassagersExercise tools- The Big Exercise balls and Therabands

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