1. Get more sleep- you need atleast 7 hours to help ypour body heal and restore

2.Lose 10 pounds-just 10 pounds can help you have more energy and feel more healthy

3.Add Yoga once a week for flexibility

4.Take a multi-vitamin

5.Learn CPR-you never know when you might need to help someone

6.Make more time for loved ones-strong social connections keep you mentally active and can help reduce stress

7.Swap beverages- drink more water!!

8.Monitor your waist- your waist should be half your height- if you are 64 inches tall you should a 32 waist

9.Eat Black Rice- this new super food has more anthocyanin and fiber than blueberries

10.Know your 'five'

Blood pressure, waist size, weight, cholesterol, and fasting blood sugar levels